Horses Return to Bearnstow

Sad News and Good News

Annie, left (in her winter paddock), and Cameo on right with Carol Gregory. Both horses were lost to botulism in 2014.

Early in 2014 we received the sad news that our beloved horses, Annie and Cameo, had died of botulism, cases of which had been occurring with some frequency in the area. Of course, we need horses; they have long been central to life at Bearnstow. Associa­tion with large animals is uniquely humanizing. They have much to teach us.

So a search was launched. After inquiries to a local horse rescue facility were unsuccessful, Carol Gregory found an offer in Uncle Henry’s, central Maine’s publication for classifieds, for “two horses at a reasonable price to a good home.”

Meet Ace and Corwood!

Ace and Corwood in their paddock at Bearnstow. Photo by Precious Jennings

The two Morgan geldings, age 20 plus, together most of their lives, were the innocent victims of a divorce: their owner no longer had a place to keep them. They arrived here complete with their personal tack, feed buckets, and winter blankets, and they are at home now in the paddock and the stalls. On Thursday, August 1, this summer’s day campers, having missed the experience with horses earlier in July, came back to Bearnstow to meet our new horses. A good time was had by all, including Ace and Corwood!

Photos by Heriberto Mendoza