Young Artist Residency Program 2017

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from 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Back row: Owen Prum, Chaesong Kim, and Marc Ferraro;
Front row: Mario Hernández, Angela Cole, and Ellen Oliver

The 2018 Young Artist Residency will run June 16September 2.
Send résumé (MS Word .doc or .docx, or Adobe Acrobat .pdf only), color portrait photo, and letter of recommendation to
Bearnstow Administration by January 31, 2018.

Bearnstow’s Young Artist Residency Program is a summer-long intensive of excellent dance and dance instruction. The program includes full participation in all workshop classes (8 week-long workshops, 25 hours weekly), instruction and men­toring by an in­ternational staff of professional dancers and choreographers, participation in weekly informal performances, and a presenta­tion of their own work (choreographed in the summer work­shops) in a formal concert at the end. As they take each work­shop with fellow undergraduate and graduate students, many of whom are already accomplished dancers, the Artist Residents gain inval­uable insight into the aesthetic of each instructor. They create dances together out of that experience and gradually evolve into a close-knit company of dancers by the end of the summer. The product of their summer-long creative work culminates in a formally mounted concert in the final week of the season.

In return, the residents assist in food preparation and camp fa­cility maintenance throughout the summer, which gives Bearn­stow a cadre of capable assistants who can “put their hand to anything.” They are indeed the staff that keeps the camp running. In addition to these duties, our young artist residents have choreographed their own works, designed pro­grams and promotional material, conducted research, devised exotic recipes and served incredible meals, composed sound scores, created dance videos, and have gone on to perform together in other venues. The artistic calibre of our young artists speaks well not only for the institutions from which they come but also for the Bearnstow image of the renaissance dancer.

Angela Cole recently gradu­ated from Roger Williams Uni­versity, where she received her BA in Dance and Psycho­logy. Her own choreography has been pre­sented at the Amer­ican College Dance Fes­tival and numerous produc­tions in the Roger Willi­ams Dance Dept. Angela cur­rently dances, choreographs, and teaches in the Providence and Boston area.
Marc Ferraro is a dancer, ac­tor and choreographer from Bel­mont, MA. He performed at an American College Dance Associa­tion confer­ence in a work that won best dance film. He has taught contact improvisa­tion and ball­room danc­ing to movers of all levels. He is a recent Kenyon Col­lege gradu­ate with a BA in Dance and a certifi­cate in Labanota­tion.
Mario Hernández, from Que­rétaro, México, is a dancer, scenic director and dance group coordi­nator at the Mon­terrey Institute of Technology and Higher Educa­tion, Queré­taro. He has a bache­lors’ in Contemp. Dance (Au­tonomous University of Que­rétaro) and Communica­tion Sci­ences. In 2012 he foun­ded his own dance company, Ethérea.
Chaesong Kim, re­turning for her second residency, is a stu­dent at Bates College and an alumna of Trinity/La MaMa Pro­gram. Chae­song is inter­ested in making inter­disciplin­ary per­formance works. Her works have been performed at La MaMa E.T.C., Ping Chong + Company’s Devis­ingHUB, Bates College, Union Hall in Vienna, Maine, and Trin­ity College.
Ellen Oliver is returning for her second residency at Bearn­stow. She is currently a teacher, per­former, choreo­grapher, and filmmaker in Massachusetts. She is a mem­ber of Ali Kenner Brod­sky & Co. and has collaborated with The Red Poppy Art House and OceA Dance. Ellen studied dance at Hampshire College and UNC School of the Arts.
Owen Prum is a dancer and choreographer from New Ha­ven, Con­necticut. He has per­formed with various artists and choreo­graphers including Min Oh, Earl Mosley, Richard Licha, and Ori Flomin. He grad­uated this past spring with a BFA in Dance from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and currently lives in New York City.

The Aritist Resident Final Concert, Saturday, September 2

Back row: Jonathan Trejo, Owen Prum, Ellen Oliver, and Marc Ferraro;
Front row: Divyamaan Sahoo, Chaesong Kim, Angela Cole, and Mario Hernández

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The Bearnstow Dancers in Concert:

On September 2, Bearnstow’s Young Artist Residents
performed works created in the summer workshops.

Company performs Humming Shuffle.
Still captures from a performance video by Divyamaan Sahoo.

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