Bearnstow Land Acknowledgement

Bearnstow pays respect to the peoples of the Wabanaki, a Confederacy of five principal Eastern Algonquian nations: the Abenaki, Mi’kmaq, Maleceet, Passamaquoddy and Penobscot peoples., whose name for themselves, Pαnawάhpskewi, means “the people of where the white rocks extend out”.  The Confederacy, formed in the 17th century of the European calendar, covered roughly most of present-day state of Maine. Bearnstow, from an old Anglo-Saxon term which translates as “children’s place,” is located on the shores of Parker Pond in central Maine, at the headwaters of the west branch of the Thirty Mile River, part of the Androscoggin water­shed, home of the Ammoscongon. We pay our respect to the Abenaki and Wabanaki land, waters and ancestors past, present and future.

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