Bearnstow is a unique summer retreat dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of our natural environment. Weeklong workshops are offered for youth and adults that explore the natural world through the lens of creative arts and sciences.

Sunset from the kitchen landing.

Bearnstow has a rich history of arts-related activities linked to a practice of environmental responsibility. Throughout our history the resonance of place in all activities has been central to our mission: care of land and spirit is essential to daily practice. Our unspoiled environment provides an alter­native freedom for aesthetic expression away from the demands of daily life.

Our summer programs emphasize the connection between environment and learning. Workshops are taught indoors and outdoors. The immediacy of our natural surroundings affects the depth and breadth of the learning that takes place, for both teacher and stu­dent. For a sense of the impact of our natural environment, read “Experi­ence Bearnstow,” by Ruth Grauert.

Bearnstow lies on sixty-five acres of pristine woodland, border­ing the serene Parker Pond in Mount Vernon, Maine. Twelve historic  build­ings, are nestled along the 2,400 feet (732 m) of rocky shoreline. Participants are housed in rustic cabins, complete with electricity, full bathrooms, and charming screened porches where they can enjoy the soft breezes from the lake and listen to the loons call. For more information see Accommodations. The property is protected in perpetuity by a conservation easement held by the Kennebec Land Trust.  Bearnstow is listed as Spruce Point Camps in the National Register of Historic Places.