Arts Workshops

Workshops at Bearnstow are intimate and rigorous, with ample space for exploration and play. Workshop schedules vary based on the instructor but typically include a morning and afternoon session with lab and recreation time planned in throughout the week. Sessions are held both indoors and outdoors. Classes are small (a max of 14 students) allowing for personal attention from instructors and a strong group dynamic.

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2024 Workshop Schedule

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Details and answers to frequently asked questions:
  • To prevent the spread of Covid-19 we are requiring all adults to be fully vaccinated before the start of the workshop. We will continue practicing social distancing and mask wearing as recommended by the CDC.
  • Full tuition for participants is $800 with lodging, $550 with no lodging. Our early bird rate, $700 with lodging or $500 without lodging, is offered until April 30.
  • Scholarship supported work-exchange is available for workshops. We offer three $150 scholarships per workshop. Additionally faculty may offer tuitional scholarships (this must be arranged with the workshop instructor) and you can reach out to us directly in case we have more funds available for additional scholarships.
  • Workshops are limited to 14 participants  
  • There is parking available for participants with cars. For those traveling on public transportation, Bearnstow will help arrange transportation to and from the Augusta bus station or airport. 
  • Tuition for Resident Participants includes teaching fees, all food, and shared housing (including all bedding, towels, and soap).
  • Workshops begin with Sunday welcome dinner (6pm) and end after Saturday Breakfast (10am) Late arrival and early departure can be arranged
  • For Day Participant commuters the workshop week includes dinner on Sunday and Friday and all lunches through the week. At other times meals may be purchased if desired: breakfast ($8) and dinner ($15). Day students are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from Bearnstow.
  • Most of Bearnstow’s workshops are designed for participants age 18 and older. However, instructors may consider applications from young people (ages 15–18) for partial or full participation if interested. 
  • Family and pets of participants may be able to be accommodated at Bearnstow during your stay depending on enrollment and availability. Please contact us for more information. 
  • Bearnstow is not an ADA accessible venue due to our natural dirt paths and historic buildings. However, we want to do the best we can to invite your participation. If you are interested in attending but aren’t sure if Bearnstow is accessible to you, please contact molly(at) to so we can make accommodations if possible within the limits of our facilities.

Past Workshops:

2022 Workshops:

  • July 24-30 – Claire Porter, Writing and Moving
  • July 31- Aug 6 – Bebe Miller and Angie Hauser, Solo/Duo Dancing
  • August 7-13 – Janis Brenner, Improvisation into Choreography
  • August 14 – 20 – Jasmine Hearn, Spectrum of Strength — Moving to Remember… Stilling to Imagine