Jasmine Hearn

Spectrum of Strength — Moving to Remember… Stilling to Imagine

August 14-20, 2022

This workshop is open to any body that wants to move, sound, remember, and listen. 

My intention is to share an interdisciplinary practice rooted in traditions, practices, and methodologies of improvisation, dance, somatics, performance, preservation, sound composition, garment design, and cooking.

Each morning, we will warm up our bodies, voices, senses, imagination, and memory with a guided sequence of prompts and exercises. After a short break, together we will take time to identify and excavate embodied material together by talking and practicing using the languages that bring us most joy (moving, writing, sounding, draping, dreaming + + + )

This will be followed by time and space held for solo play, practice, and craft. As we build creative relationships with one another, there will be space reserved for collaboration to craft a multi-dimensional composition together.

Participants are invited to bring material, ideas, dreams, recipes, memories, songs, sketches, drafts, garments, + + +  from their past practices into the space if desired.

I am asking

…how can we source familiar rhythms to move caught and lost memories in our bodies with care and attention? 

…how can my / your body use memory, sensation, and imagination as ways to enter embodied practices to articulate story, ancestry, and personal truth?

…how can each of us reference our own spectrum of learning? How can we reference any way we have learned to dance? To move? To sound? 

You will be asked 

to take care of yourself. 

to move, still, and rest with the body, voice, experience, and space that you have in the present moment. 

to be with the spectrum of your joy and grief.

Jasmine Hearn was born and raised on occupied lands now known as Houston, TX.

They are an interdisciplinary artist, director, choreographer, organizer, teaching artist, and a 2017 and 2021 Bessie awarded performer. Jasmine’s commitment to dance is an expansive practice that includes performance, collaboration, and memory-keeping.

PC: Kitoko Chargois

Jasmine has creatively collaborated with multidisciplinary artists, Solange Knowles, Alisha B. Wormsley, Vanessa German, Ayanah Moor, Staycee Pearl, Holly Bass, Kendra Portier, and Li Harris, which have produced solo and collective dance choreography for performances at the Guggenheim Museum, The Getty Center, Venice Biennale 2019, the Ford Foundation, New York Live Arts, Danspace Project, BAAD!, Kelly Strayhorn Theater, and other internationally acclaimed art spaces such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago and the Houston Arts Alliance.

Their embodied practice is rooted in a layering of dance, somatic, and vocal traditions and methodologies. As a teaching artist and choreographer, they are greatly influenced by teachers and mentors, Claudette Johnson, Byronné J Hearn, Marjani Forté-Saunders, Marlies Yearby, Kathryn Leary, Staycee Pearl, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, jhon r. stronks, Samantha Speis, Chanon Judson, Kendra Portier, Barbara Mahler, Pamela Pietro, Sherie van den Wijngaard, Joy KMT, Alisha B. Wormsley, Samita Sinha, and Li Harris. Their commitment to dance is an expansive practice that includes performance, collaboration, sound, memory-keeping, and story-telling. 

Questions? Concerns? Contact

jasminehearndances@gmail.com (About the workshop)

Molly@bearnstow.org (About registration, housing or other logisitics)

IG @jasminehearncollaborates

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