Naturalists at Bearnstow

Lectures, presentations and nature walks by visiting naturalists.

Bearnstow lies on 65 acres of pristine woodland and alongside 2,400 feet of Parker Pond’s rocky shoreline. Since 1922 the property’s natu­ral envi­ronment has been carefully pro­tected, first by Colby College biology professor Web­ster Chester, and then by Bearnstow with Kennebec Land Trust.

Since 2012 Bearnstow has celebrated this incredible place by bringing naturalists from different fields to Bearnstow to guide us on nature walks and give talks about the environment of Bearnstow and beyond. 

These programs are free and open to the public. Lunch is available after morning nature walks, $10 for adults, $6 for children. 

If you are interested in presenting a program or have a suggestion of a naturalist you would like to see at Bearnstow. please contact admin(at)