Support Bearnstow

As a small non-profit organization, Bearnstow relies heavily on contributions from individual donors to help us keep our programs affordable, and to preserve our historic facilities and fragile grounds.

Bearnstow is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation; all contributions are tax de­ductible.

Some of Bearnstow’s prioritized areas of need:

  • Historic Preservation and four year restoration Project
  • Day Camp Scholarship Fund
  • Sponsor a Young Artist Resident
  • Scholarships for artists to attend workshops or retreat weeks
  • Media and Electronics to create and maintain an archive of camp activities
  • General operating support
  • Donate in Ruth Grauert’s memory

We are grateful for your donations of any amount, and we thank you for your generous support!

Support While You Shop

Bearnstow receives a small donation every time you buy an eligible product through Amazon’s Smile Program. Next time you shop, login to Amazon here and you’ll support Bearnstow!

2021 Acknowledgements

We wish to thank the following for contributions and/or in-kind services to Bearnstow during the 2021 season:

Janet Erickson, Barbara Gottshalk, Peter Koletzke, Gerald Otte, Janet Connor, David Hess, Lisbeth Bagnold, Donald Stevens, Denise Gagner, Lynn Rico, Phyllis Lamhut, Nicole Garlando, John Stevens, Carol Dilley, Laura Faure, Joann Sacco, Margery Lieber, Bebe Miller, Linda Combs, Nick Bloom, Matthew Belvario, Kevin Oliver, Doug Woodsum, Philip Ording, Cathy Nicoli, Ramona Jacobs, Laura Finkle, Jeremy Link & Catherine Share, Tony Micocci, Anne Bowman, Tricia Smit, Marian Claxton, Isidora Munoz-Segovia, Bob & Susie Creitz-Quinn, Susan & Fritz Onion, Andrew Coulture, Gerald Slavet.

Estate of Ruth E. Grauert
Kennebec Savings Bank
Cuddledown Inc.
Anonymous Fidelity Charitable Contribution
Gerald Slavet
Maine Community Foundation (Belvedere Historic Preservation Grant)
Davis Family Foundation
Anonimo Foundation
Maine Arts Commission.