Bearnstow Journal

Class at the Henry Street Playhouse in 1949. Identified persons are, at lower left, Alwin Nikolais; back row standing: Ruth Grauert, Luke Bragg, and Martha Howe; second row: unidentified, unidentified, and Sheldon Ossosky; seated in front: Anita Lynn, Phyllis Lamhut, Nancy Robb, and unidentified. Dancers in motion are Murray Louis and Gladys Bailin. Photo courtesy Nikolais-Louis Dance Collection, University of Ohio, Athens.

Bearnstow founder Ruth Grauert worked as the stage manager for Nikolais Dance Theater and Murray Louis Dance. She also taught at Henry Street Playhouse (the home of the Nikolais and Louis Companies). Many of our workshop faculty have come from this lineage.

Our companion website, Bearnstow Journal, offers articles on the Nikolais esthetic and the arts.